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my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
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i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
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car lisence
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vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Saturday, 14:00
bride for rent :D

Assalammualaikum and hello readersss :)

how have you been?on this bright day i thinks i wanna do some movie review that all of you need to watch..have you heard the tittle 'Bride For Rent' before??well if you love to watch romantic comedy genre then this movie i highly recommend..you won't regrets!!confirm!!short synopsis for all of you~

  • Rocco Espiritu (Xian Lim) and Rocky Espiritu (Kim Chiu) have one thing in common: they are both in need of money, fast. On the eve of his 25th birthday and the day he is set to receive money from his trust fund, Rocco parties, gets drunk, and loses all his money on a poker match. Now he has to produce the amount or else lose the client he needs to defeat his father's TV commercials production company. Meanwhile, Rocky needs to pay the rent or else, her whole family will be homeless. The only way for Rocco to get the money from his trust fund is to fulfill the conditions set by his grandmother: that is, to get married. That's when he meets Rocky who agrees to act as his pseudo wife in exchange of a big "talent fee." With Rocco's tempting offer and Rocky's need for money, the two seal the deal. As Rocky and Rocco go through their married life, problems come one after another and thus, they are forced to reconcile their differences and work with each other. However, the real complication begins when feelings start to grow between the two of them. Will they be able to make their agreement work or will they be a victim of their own scheme and turn their whole pretense into something real?
    Written by Star Cinema

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Forever means giving the person you love unlimited chances of loving you right every waking day of your life. ‪#‎BrideForRent‬

Friday, 02:54
the triplets song

Assalammualaikum and hello readerssss :)

who watch the return of superman will familiar with this super duper cute song and the triplets..i've been searching this song before but couldn't found any of it but i tried it again today and yessshhh just found it..its comes with lyrics too..lirik pun comel je macam lagu..hehehe enjoyyyy~

not one nor two, there are three of us (repeat) 
not one nor two, not one nor two, but there are three of us 
 maybe this is a surprise because not single nor twins, but its triplets! 
it is a miracle, no doubt 
 Mommy and Daddy must have been really shocked 
just like a miracle, just like a miracle 
that it's not single nor twins but triplets on their way to come! 
well so, maybe daehan minguk manse 
there are so happy that they shout out like yeah yeah yeah~ 
 not one nor two, but there are three of us (repeat) 
not one nor two, not one nor two, but there are three of us woo woo woo~

Monday, 13:42

Assamlammualaikum and hello readerrrsss :)

today's babling is about i want to become a slim person!LOL~why i want to become a slim person?how i miss my old me..haha started gain weight when i do nothing for at least a month right after i've finished school..while i'm so busy with gaining some weight, others are busy searching for a job by that time..but i'm not that slim la time sekolah dulu but okay la just nice and janji sihat..i've tried many things but i can't be slim anymore..i guess slim didn't match with me..it's look like i've giving up right?but i'm proud with myself when well at least dah berjaya cut down some wight compare to the first time i enter the university life..thanks to those whose always there to help me cut down my weight..i've tried atkin's but it doesn't work..mesti la tak work sebab try only for a week je pun..hahax..aisehh..when i've become a slim person i'll share the tips will all of you okay??i think i need more workout and stop babling..hahax..do drop some tips for me to try it XD



saya sudah menjadi makcik..kbye~