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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Monday, 22:15

this was my first time watching heechul so shy with girl..haha it's obviously that heechul likes so hee from wonder girl..yeah..that's why when heechul dance nobody he will choose so hee part..so sweet when look heechul being so shy towards so hee..and heechul was so happy when so hee choose him..he called so hee meow..haha..sweet

at last

yeah..at last i can watch dream concert..even at youtube i don't mind at all..:)) thanks to people who upload that video..i do love shinee perf..their ring ding dong was so awesome..and bonamana..just great..others video i coldn't watch till end because it take to much time for load..so later i will watch it..and one more thing i'm just watching ukiss new show which is ukiss chef..yeah this show totally a funny show..haha..shinlang you should watch it after you finish your exam laa :))

Saturday, 12:23
zaty a.k.a kulat busyuk

tgk ni suju ony sat g ketinggalan lagi..hahax :)) smart heechul and eunhyuk..eunhyuk dance fuhh..melt sat

part twinkle twinkle little star tue best kowt..cam lagu tok tdur lak plak..hahax :))


 she's AMBER from F(X)..i do love her but now i think i'm into SULLI..hehe..both of them cute with their image..amber with boyish type..i do love amber when she seem look like really close with key(shinee) and sulli with heechul..amber rapping part wow..so hot and her english so awesome..amber new hair look likes heechul's hair and taemin's hair..but it fit her well..there's no word out from my mouth when i know that amber's age same with me..haha..fatin..amber is 18 weyh..and her birthday is in september..same month with you..but sulli is 16..grr..i think heechul love being sulli brother kowt..hahax their relationship erm..sweet laa..i do hope that sulli just wear blonde wig with yellow highlight below it..that hair doesn't match her really well laa..below is amber's new hair..mcm shindong laa plak :))


it's seems like suju quite close with f(x)..when i saw heechul with sulli in this video and obviously i'm a bit jelez..haha..lol..fatin it's sulli laa not luna ok??haha try to watch what heechul to to sulli when sulli finished dance and copying heechul's part..heechul go and hug sulli frm behind..so cute..and i love when heechul close with sulli..huhu..and this time suju won their 2nd k-chart on music bank yesterday..and i'm happy because my mom record the show..thanks ..i can't watched it because i'm working by that time..aiyaa music bank change their showing time so make me quite upset and angry but it's ok because at least i can watch it even it's from record thing..huhu

ant couple

first of all thanks to my shinlang for giving me this great video..yes i do cry when i watched it..so sweet when crown j proposing inyoung with 321 roses because they have been couple in we got married for 321 days and it's their farewell time..it really touch when inyoung cry during the radio on air and crown j could.'t said any words while watching the video..their farewell is more sad compare to joongbo couple..hehe.people try to watch this video..are they sweet??


Monday, 23:33
let's learn KOREA

b/p m weo
Pp* n wa
j Kk* wi
Jj* r/l eui
d/t h wae
Tt*/Dd * Tt* we
k/g Ch
Kk*/Gg* p
s eo
Ss* o
Yo a
Yeo e
Ya i
yae eu
ye u
yu ae

is a special symbol because it can be pronounced as (ng) and it can be use when you want to use a certain script to make it into a word. For example, ㅏ to make it like 아 pronounced as Ah.

zaty let's learn this thing before we go to korea end of this year..by the way jd ke??hahax

i'm sorry, i love you

there are two version of this song but bru sdr yg dlm mp3 ad this song..haha..i do love both version..sedeyh kn??aah nk try cri the story..thnx to thong(the girl in world dates with kim bum) because she sing this song and i start to find about this song..haha.two diff pple yg nyanyi this song..a guy and a girl.. have fun with this song ok~~^^


love this song!!!fatin thnx ya!!

Saturday, 16:51
a song calling for you

english lyric this song sgt meaning kowt..to all my friends chaiyok2 aja aja fighting..good luck yeah..gonna miss all of you ^^
credits:isz for this song

boys vs girls

wow..boys who can perfectly copy girls dance and now girls group also can completely copy boys dance..this two vdeo was so great to watch while them compete with each other..^^


the song list..wow f(x)'s songs quite wow..nice song was born with nice lyrics..pple out there try to hear their songs..promise to you guys that their songs was so awesome..cute f(x) was born..hehe ^^ thnx to zaty my kulat bushuk kazen ever because you have asked me to hear their first song chu and now im totally fall in love with this cute group..thnx ya kulat bushuk ^^ by the way slmt berkonvo ya kulat bushuk ^^


one by one start to left..start with fatin..adilah..etah..then mas intan..then follow by farah aiman, nurul syahirah, mira edoora, nasyira rizan, mimi, alia, kamilia, aimi, min, and all of my friend *xlrt nk tyme too many*..and we start to be seperated in our own way..ouh how come i hve to start everything all over again..this what we call 'friendship comes and goes'..hey you guys..study elok2 tau at there..i will b missing all of you..you are the best friend that i hve ever had..take care and good luck people :))

Monday, 21:53

ouh ari rabu ni start keja blik..huhu..penat penat penat..bla laa leyh p shopping kn??adoii..suda lama xkeja tba2 nk p keja lik mula laa bz blik..hehe..td g jumpa kak azza kt giant..hahax x sngka slama 2 weeks ak cuti rmai yg tny mna ak p mna ak p aih..haha femes gak ak kt cna eyk..haha..terharu sat.. :)) hehe..


haha..ak kna trunkn brat bdn atas nasihat dr..haha..td g uat checkup..fuhh..plg bnci uat x ray..grr..sumpah malu gla..dr cina tu menakotkan ak ja..haish..ak ad mslh tulang..so kna mnum susu bnyk2..huhu..tulang senget kew bengkok kew pew ntah dr gtau..ak xphm..hehe..lps checkup abah bwa ak mnum susu lembu sgar..fuhh sdp gla ah.. :)) ak terkejut doe ak dmm bwu 4hari n dlm tempoh dmm tue brat ak dh trun 2kg..alhamdulillah..abah nk brat bdn ak jd 48kg ja..adoii payah ni..uat mse ni ak target nk trunkn slow2 dlu..dh laa da prob dgn backbone ak ni..ayoyo..pnin den..susu susu susu..akan jd bestfren ak laa..hehe..ak dh kna stop amik nasi.. :(( sedeyhnya..xpa naa sbq..ni sume dugaan...insyaAllah xda pape.. :)) kuatkn semangat :)) terkejut sbb dr ckp backbone ak prob.. :(( xpe la..xcersie bnyk2 tok pulihkn blik.. +_+

Sunday, 23:03

14 may 2010
9.10 mlm
icu hospital kajang
paksu slmt kembali ke rahmatullah..AL-FATIHAH buat arwah paksu ZAINOL AZALAN..moga2 rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan di tempatkan dalam golongan orang2 yang beriman..AMIN

can't forget

1st may..the day that i will never forget..the day that i'm going to kajang..erm leyh kata me n my dad je yg last dtg kt ospital..huhu ok lps smpai mmg suspen sbb rmai gla ada kt dpn blik icu..fuhh smpai2 tros ak msok icu..air mata mengalir doe..sedih xyah ckp laa..ok den ak tros stay kt umah maksu..ari2 ak tmn maksu g ospital..erm..smpai laa paksu kuar icu g wad besa..ak tmn maksu tdo kt ospital..tyme tdo kt ospital tkot tue xyah sbot ah..ak ni penakot n ak xtau cm ne ak leyh jd brani p doq kt ospital..fuyoo..toilet mmg dh xp..tggu subuh bwu p..tdo xyah ckp ah..ak xtdo lngsg kt cna..adoi..otak dok pkir mcm2..haha..tp ad hikmah gak..tyme ak tgk pple2 yg skit kt cna..sedeyh sgt..sian doe..owg yg kt ktil sblh tyme msok drh fuhh ak mmg nk pegsan dh..ak kn penakot tgk darah..adoii..tyme sume nk kna amik drh ak yg rsa skit..cucuk drip ak pn rsa kebas doe kt tgn..ish2..now bwu ak tau kta kne jge..tyme msok tiub..argh..skit gla..air mata xyah ckp ah..tggu nk jtoh ja..xleyh mkn..mkanan msok kt tiub..tgn kiri kanan kna drip la..ak yang rse skit tue..adoii..kaki ketaq xyah ckp ah..ad stu mlm tyme ak tertido..tba2 ak terkejut n bgun laa kn..adoii ak terkedu sbb tbe2 troli mayat lalu dpn ak..nk g amik mayat kt sebelah..gla ah..kul 2 pg doe..jantong ak cam lari 1500m doe..dup dap dup dap..lps tue mmg dh xleyh tdo lik la..adoii..tp yg bestnya..dr kt ctu kiut2..hahax..gatal sebentar..tp dr cina la..huhu tp dr bedah melayu kiut gak..hahax..nurse practikal lelaki pon kiut..ase cm nk kawen dgn dr laa plak..hahax..gila gatai...hahax..nsib ak xnk jd dr..if x sure ak xsmpai hati nk suntik owg kn..sbb sian kt owg tue..xpown sure ak nanges tyme nk amik drh owg..hahax..cukup 2 mggu ak dok kt kajang den ak blik png..sbb nk isi borang g u.. :)) wah dh bsq laa plak..hahax..pengalaman ak tdo kt ospital n stay 24hrs kt ospital amat bermakna n bg ak bnyk pengajaran...ad anak yg tggai ja ayah dia kt ospital..sebak hati ak tgk ayah dia dok pggil nma anak dia..ad owg yg xda pelawat tros..tue lg sedeyh..tp hdop ak slama 1mggu lbh ak tmn maksu tdo kt cna amat bermakna sbb tue laa kali terakhir ak ckp n melawak dgn paksu.. :(( mcm2 yg ak sempat borak n ak agak menyesal sbb x ckp dgn paksu tyme paksu call nk tny sal result ak..tyme dlm icu yg paksu pggil nma ak..tgn ak menggigil sbb thn sebak..haish sedyh sgt2 bla it blik sume bnda ni.. :((