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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Thursday, 17:43
durian fever

lately ni my family gla sgt dgn durian..haha smpai kteorg uat pertandingan spe mkn durian plg bnyk..haha..obviously laa mama yg menang..2nd place goes to abah..3rd place me..yeah..dpt 3rd pn jd laa..dr my lil bro yg mkn sikit ja..haha..abah ckp mama gila durian..mama leyh hbskn almost 3 biji sorang2..haha..3biji ok bkn 3ulas..wah..congrates mama..kah kah

Monday, 23:02
please stop the time

stop right there before i show tears..stop right there before the separation comes..so you can't leave, so you can't abandon me and leave..from here on, time please stop..saying farewell, how am i supposed to be well??how am i supposed to send you away while smiling??i can't do that kind of stuff, i will pretend i didn't hear it..don't say anything and stop right there..the footsteps that are trying to leave, paste them onto the ground and also paste the lips that is trying to say separation..so you can't leave, so you can't abandon me and leave..from here on, time please stop..saying farewell, how am i supposed to be well??how am i supposed to send you away while smiling??i can't do that kind of stuff, i will pretend i didn't hear it..don't say anything and stop right there..i said we should break up through anger..i even spitted on the face that was smiling..i only paid back what you have done to me..you can't come now and just throw me away..just because they're words, does it all make sense??how are you saying bye to me??i don't understand those words, i will pretend i didn't hear it..the feet walking away stop right there..

Sunday, 16:44
such a sweet song

yeah finally i found who sing this song..yey..this song just a nice song to be heard..and when they feat with heechul it was so sweet..and i just find that heechul sang and played piano to this song when he has to propose soohee during family outing..how sweet he is right..yeah let's all of us enjoy this sweet song together!! :))


Monday, 03:13
the street cafe

ouh yeah..at last the day had come and i face it with joy..yey..came to kl on 7 june and then the next day had arrived..the day that we met with teh farhanna which is our kpop freak fren at facebook..yeah..cool beb..frm sepang naik ktm and then change kat kl sentral..mmg jauh laa perjalanan kteorg..bayangkan tmpt mkn kteorg tue dkt dgn rmh maknjang..grr..ok fine lps sampai kt subang tros g kt THE STREET CAFE..then jumpa her..borak2..rase cam dah lame je knl dia sbb kteorg pny laa mesra alam..from 1st floor kteorg naek lak ke 2nd floor..konon nk privacy ckit..haha..mula2 syiok ah sbb 2nd floor kteorg jew yg ad..tp lme2 rmai makcik2 and nenek2 pun tiba..haha..so kna slow down our sweet sour voice tue..erm ak order CHICKEN FIRE LUNCH BOX..zaty CHICKEN BBQ LUNCH BOX, teh BULGOGI and izzah xigt laa dia order apa..KIMCHI rase like eeuu asl cam terlebih cuka..hahax..smbil mkn smbik pot pet pot pet..lps mkn kteorg main uno..sumpah syiok doe..lbh kurang 4 jam dok dlm cafe tue..haha..lma kn??b4 kluar smpt borak dgn owner dia..agak mesra alam gak..owner dia org korea-american..siap bagi potato chip free tok kteorg sume..kamsahamnida..tyme nk blik agak benggang sbb ktm delay smpai 3 kali..pastu dlm ktm part ladies' coach penuh dgn lelaki gak..grrr X_X bnci thp max..ble my mom tau me mkn kt kdai korea she keeps asking me halal ke??yups halal and dpt kebenaran jakim..and abah pun ok gak xkesa siap ckp biar laa nk rse skali skala..hahax :)) bila laa lagi leyh lepak dgn mreka.. :(( i do hope that one day i will hangout with zaty,ezah,teh,mas and fatin..and we will talk about korea.. :)) fatin cant join us bcoz she having her test on that day and mas pulak jadual pack.. :((

Saturday, 19:34
love love love

currently this song makes me happy :)) thnx cn blue..i really adore your song well..this song just sweet for me..hehe..try to hear it and i'm sure you will fall for it..i really love this song..cn blue makes me melt..hahax :))

Thursday, 21:11

finally the day will come..the day that i have most..grr..aiseyh man..ak dh nk berhenti kerja..esk last day ak kerja..ok fine suka mmg ah suka tp sedeyh doe..grr..even ak still keja ak kna gak berhenti later just lmbt or cepat ja..so i have to xcept the truth laa kn..hmm now dh xleyh stalk pple hahax..tue laa keja ak tyme ak tgh working..ahaahaa..tgk 'free show' wif kak amy..hahax..lwk doe..td tyme keja ad owg putih mai beli cupcake ak..haha ak pown speaking laa..haha yg xleyh lpa when mamat tue ckp 'apa khabar'  n 'selamat tengahari' kat ak..cara dia ckp mmg lwk kowt..ak bru bgtau 2 jnis cupcakes dia tros nk bli..xsmpt nk bgtau lg 3 jnis..haha sumpah ak nk gelak guling2 tyme tu..tp ak ni sopan so xleyh uat cm tu..kn kn :))ok now ak akn trun kl lg..wah syioknya..i do hope that i can meet with mariam later..yuhuu,,,i do miss her so much kowt.. :)) erm ni out of topic naa...just nk cri sumtink kt youtube tp terjumpa vdeo sal 'wondergirl dgn super junior' the latest lak tue..OMG..so hee choose heechul but heechul didn't choose her..too bad..heechul xnk kasi obvious sgt tp so hee pn nmpk cm suka ja kt heechul..ok laa last2 leetuek yg dpt so hee xgna tol..grr..