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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Saturday, 16:27
song for them

shinlang!!!comeyh x this song??sweet kn??i ska kowt this song and i do hope that u will like it too :)) and you to teh and zaty and mas..my lovely baby <3 luv ya n miss all of you kowt..

uni lyfe

1st day
wake up early..lps ready sume i'm out and saying good bye kt my lovely house :((..then arrived there..grr damn hot!!nsib bwa payung..hahax..so after dpt blik sume..mama tolong kms all my stuff and ok..dapat tingkat 8..gla ah..2nd last kowt..hbs laa if lif rsak..i'm dead!!haha..lps kms brg2 sume..lpk dkt bwh dgn my family..dok uat bising2 sume..hahax..then tgk bdk2 yg nanges bla parents nk blik..ok and my bro ckp 'if u cry gak mmg kna laa dok dkt pn nk nanges ka??' kejam gla ayat my bro..grrr..then my family blik..

2nd day
pnt..hari2 text fatin n cite the wole story yg jd kt cni..me n mon mmg xlrt nk kutuk n ngamuk..tdo kul 2pg then bgun kul 4..and wait stu jam tok tggu sbuh..xleyh tdo..ok then daftar kursus..pnt xyah ckp ah..naik tngga smpai tgkt 3..bkn tgga biasa tp tgga nk bnuh owg kowt..hahax..kejam..

3rd day
day yg plg bnci...kna mrh2 dgn cnior sume..agak ketat orientation kt cna..if gna nset tyme pple bg speech nset kna rmpas..no selempang2 during orientation..wuteva..dun mind at all..tyme pple bg speech me n mon on9..haha gla jht.. :))

dgr taklimat lagi..and taklimat lagi..bored!!!

dh xlrt nk ngadu..so ignore jew..dlm dwn bnyk nyamok..ish...xlrt..mkn mmg xlalu..so asyik skip mkn ja..smpai my roomate mrh hahax..sorry pple sbb uat u gys rsau :)) thnx coz amik berat ok :))

last day
mmg kna trok laa..kul 3 bgun..siap kna pkai bju btik laa..cnior asyik mrh2 thp max pny ah..smpai kteowg kna nari n nyanyi kul 4 pg..wth..pape je laa..and at last hbs gak orientation tue..fuhh lega..

after hbs meet dgn p'ces tros blik rmh n now i'm happy coz dpt blik rmh hahax..;))
ouh yeah ok laa not bad tp mayb xbesa lagi kowt lyfe as Uni student..xpe slow2 will get it..busy busy busy

and monday ni dh start kelas..and my first class kt perda..so kna kuar kampus..nsib ad bus..hahax..i do hope that my kelas xrmai laki.. :)) scary coz my course bnyk laki..girl cuma 200 and laki 400..gla ah..nightmare nightmare nightmare!!