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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Sunday, 23:56
first and the last

ok fine here it goes..today was like the bad day i have had..i'm tired of all this thing!!!i went out with all my roomates and thank god zaty came with me..my saviour!!first of all we walked all together the after praying out of blue they walked so fast!!weyh if you guys invited me to join you guys then you guys keep doing this thing to me!!go get LOST la weyh!!!fine whatever!!then kteorang berpecah sebab suddenly they like rushing..ok then dlm supermarket jusco, one of them text me 'weyh xhbs shopping lg ka??kteorang dh nk balik ni!!' WTH!!!!when i'm in that supermarket wah all of them yang cakap nak balik tu dok syiok shopping!!!SH*T!!!then spe xfedup weyh..alien ja xda prasaan kowt..i text them 'if you guys nk balik just go on and i can go bck myself,,' they replied 'ok we are going back right now' when i arrived at uitm bilik mmg dh sah xbalik..then berbuka dgn zaty kt wakaf after that lepak kat bilik zaty..then when balik bilik take a shower and then amik buku then gi bilik zaty..they are so ANNOYING!!!!and i do hate one of them freaking bad!!!go get a life and don't ever be a busybody about my things!!!this will be my first and the last outing or hanging out or what so ever thing that related with going out with them!!!!!!!!i hate when people trying to playing with my friendship and feeling as well!!huh,,legaaaa....

Saturday, 12:36
fasting ouh fasting

selamat berpusa to all muslim out there

Friday, 20:38

erm hari ap ek??lupa la..haa..hari selasa..almost all of my classmate when out after class..sangat best..ye kew??aah best sebab satu kelas gi jusco..and this was like OMG i love it..hahax even boring sbb xda duit nak shopping tp never mind coz cuci mata pun jadi laa..hahax..kulat busuk later if u come to penang why don't we hangout at jusco perda..this place was like ok lots of bag to buy..hahax..and the price quite reasonable..and cun kowt..seriously i nk beli that bag but pikir2 balik nnti lunch and dinner kna mkn nasi dgn telur goreng ja..hahax..later nak juga beli that bag!!and i ate LOLLIPOP candy..wah sgt best sbb da lma xmkn lolly..huhu..sgt besar..later i ltk pic i mkn lolly..lolly tue dh sma bulat dgn bdn i hahax..^^,

just not my day

today was not my day..during the chemistry test me sakit perut..gosh..i hate this situation..penat ke tandas before test and i couldn't focus during the test!!!argh i hope that i can get the best result for my test..T_T then i have to attend the LDK on sunday!!!!i hate this!!!because of this i couldn't go back home and now i'm currently miss my house..T_T..

Wednesday, 15:25
baby baby


i wish i can go to his fanmeeting..but it's simple..i can't go!!because of everything i can' go to his fameet..i do hope that someone will come to uitm and fetch me..hahax..prince charming come and fecth me here..lol..fatin send my regards towards him..ok??hahax..and don't forget to take a lot of pic with him and later i will send you something ok??last word...NAK PERGI!!!!!!!

hate it

i do hate when i couldn't join them at kl..weyh zaty x fair ko pn dpt join depa..hahax..ok how could sume owg gather ramai2 without me..sedeyhnya..adoii..after this mama will go to kl lg..nk ikot...but jadual kt sini sangat sangat padat sampai nk gi jalan2 pun xleyh..argh!!!hate this situation!!to my dearest cousin..zaty you better update your blog often so that you sweet cousin x ketinggalan laa..n congrates coz dah 'bertunang' hahax..

lab ouh lab

hey dude..it's been a long time i din't update it..yeah this pic during physics lab..erm i do hate when we have lab subject over here..why??because we have to do everything on our own..this so hard for me laa..and maybe for other it's just a simple thing..by the way erm maybe this is one of the reason why my first physics lab couldn't finished on time..when others are doing well their experiment (ya ka??xlaa sma ja) *nak backup gak* hahax my group start taking picture laa..that's why we can't finished our lab report..hahax..