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Yeah, you see that word up there? it means u've got to read this.
blah blah, blah.
love me, great ...
hate me, Click HERE!

the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Wednesday, 16:46
i litre of tears

this story was freaking sad..it cant be told by words..yeah..i do watch it with aiza and sbb tgk dgn aiza so malu nk nanges hahax..sengal tol..this is a Japanese television drama for Fuji Television about a girl who was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease at 15, but was able to continue her life until her death at the age of 25.Aya Ikeuchi at the age of fifteen was diagnosed with a spinocerebellar degeneration, a disease which malfunctions human's motor function eventually making them paralytic. She went to Higashikou school, but due to her illness couldn't make it for graduation and was relocated to special school for disabled people.


need this to replace my mp3..so start saving from now...and if i couldnt get this i will aim for this

hehe whick one you prefer??ipod touch or s504??


kawan waktu senang ramai sangat tapi kawan waktu susah??haha..hanya Allah je yang tahu..xpe laa benda dah lepas..and let bygone be bygone..betul kata mas let be far from her..dia bukan kawan yang boleh di buat kawan..if she face the hard time she need us by her side but when we need her 1001 reasons will came frm her mouth..thanks for beng my fren..and yes ak terasa dengan ko...

Monday, 23:57
love bug

(: sweet kan lagu ni..comeyh je lyrics dia and tune dia :)


awak sangat ANNOYING laa..cuba awak berada di tempat saya pasti awak akan rasa apa yang saya rasa..wah saya pasti muka awak akan berubah serta merta..and awak pun akan cerita kat sahabat baik awak..then apa lagi awak akan start story laa kan..tapi awak ni sangat menyakitkan hati la lately ni..patot tak saya removed awak dari friend list saya??patotkah saya ikot cakap kawan-kawan baik saya supaya jangan rapat dengan awak??patotkah saya pendam je benda ni untuk jaga hati awak dan 'kawan' awak tu??kan bagus kalau paper kat atas tu awak..hahax..

final ouh final

good luck for FINAL friends


it's hard to make decision right now..
YOU or ME??


ok let's stop this stupid thing before it's turn to TSUNAMI..what is your point??why you have to SHOW OFF infront of others??perfect enough??wuteva..and i don't need your JUDGEMENT..hello dear..if you want to correct others you should looked yourself first..ok??if you one of the major person who also do that thing then what's your point wanna correct others??haiya..people nowadays seems like love to create bad words for others..why??you can judge and you can spread it to others as long you didnt disturbing my sweet life..i don't mind at all..and you can correct me if i'm done wrong but never ever used harsh word to correct people..in this great world there's no perfect person you can find..ok??and thnx for the good motivated word you thrown away..it fit you and i'm feel great with it...

Thursday, 21:48
sigh -_-"

i need your COOPERATION please!!!

14 oktober

saengil chuka hamnida,
saengil chuka hamnida,
saranghae uri NUR IZZATY yah
saengil chuka hamnida.

may ALLAH bless you
good luck and all the best in everything
take care and study smart yeah


scared and i'm not ready at all..yeah..helly sufferland tol..hahax.yeah padan muka coz didnt prepared from the begining..hahax..and yeah nk balik...nk tgk tv..missing all the channel....kbs laa csi laa house laa weyh ahhh...fedup2..

hati ouh hati

susah kan hidup ni..siapa cakap hdup ni senang??sikit sikit nak terasa..habis bajet ko sorang jew ada hati and perasaan??orang lain tak de ke??weyh common laa weyh..kalau hati ko, ko nak orang jage habis hati orang ko xpikir lak nak jaga kan??WTH weyh..ko ni sangat sangat laa ANNOYING kowt...susah sugguh ada orang cam ni kat dalam dunia ni..nak dia jew yang perfect and then orang lain xleyh lebih dari dia...bila orang main2 dia terasa then bila dia uat kat orang lain xpe lak..ayat kalau xpedih tak pe gak ni ayat cam haish...susu lemak berkrim la..sengal sungguh,,habis hati ak sape nak jaga lak??

jual ikan

haish susah betol kan if ada la segelintir hamba Allah ni suka sangat JUAL IKAN..anda rasa hebat sangatkah JUAL IKAN??weyh tolong la..anda sudah besar and bukan budak kecil lagi yang nak kena buat perangai macam kanak-kanak ribena..one word for you FINE!!!ok if tak nak share your ilmu then go ahead..i don't mind at all pun ok!!!bajet ko sorang jew yang leyh ajar ak??GO TO HELL la weyh..and JUAL LA IKAN ko tue..and hope ilmu yang ko kedekut tu leyh uat ko berjaya!!!