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Yeah, you see that word up there? it means u've got to read this.
blah blah, blah.
love me, great ...
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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Tuesday, 00:15
28 dec

mas intan shyafeeqah

saengil chuka hamnida,
saengil chuka hamnida,
saranghae uri MAS INTAN SHYAFEEQAH yah
saengil chuka hamnida.

may ALLAH bless you
good luck and all the best in everything
take care and study smart yeah
sorry coz i'm not always there when you need me

thnx for being my very very very bestfriend forever..i do miss you and this song specially dedicate to you :))

Thursday, 15:54

lama gila tak update blog..sedih pun ada gak..hahax..erm time cuti maal hijrah ak keluar dgn cousin ak si MAID FOR NICKHUN aka KULAT BUSUK *zaty jgn mrh ak tau..hahax..evil laugh* erm pergh seronok gla ak pi shoppin ok mata ak..stu ap pn xbeli..zaty yg pokai tue lak yg p beli..amboii zaty..shoppin sakan nmpk..hahax..ak juz beli lip gloss jew..kt elianto..hahax..then g mkn rice cake..eeuu muak ok..and and and nk muntah sbb xpedas pn..ak dgn jayanya telah hbskn rice cake dgn fish cake jew..to kobis : maafkn ak sbb x dpt nk hbskn ko sbb ak dh nk termuntah kowt..hahax..then after mkn tros g tgk cte NANGKUNG dh cm kangkung pn ad gak..ok not bad..terok lagi cta siam antu yg ak tgk dgn izwa and naimah..lg merapu..at least nangkung ni ak phm laa jln cta dia..then p beli BLUEBERRY CHEESE TART and kek..bnyk gla ak mkn..lps tue gado laa gemok cna gemok cni..ntah pape..