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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Friday, 02:40
lolly lolly pop

this shows that how i adore lollipop like no one can take it from me..huhu..i can be consider as lollipop hardcore haha..when i found any single things looks like lollipop i will bought it..is it cute??erm now i am on the way to fulfill my wish that i wanna bought LG lollipop..hahax..since last year i do search about if but i could't fulfill it because my brother won't allowed me bought it TT.TT but i will make sure that one day i will used lollipop phone..lollipop t shirt..lollipop handbag..lollipop hair band and everything as long it is lollipop :)

japanese language

hehe..this is the book that my dad gave me for my Japanese study that i studied myself..actually i got another 3 book that i learned from..but i don't even know where did i put it so let it be..hehe it's quite tough because i couldn't know any single japan words so i tried so hard until i can read and wrote a e i o u in japan..hehe so i do hope in future that i can pay my visit to Japan soon :) when my dad start told me about his japanese life i was life OMG i'm totally jealouse with him because he got a chance to pay a visit there..hahax that's why i wanna learn japan words no matter how hard and how long it will take me to master it :) arigato~

the fabulous gathering

hey hey..what's up peeps..erm..since everyone on big holiday so we had plan that wanna me up somewhere because it's been a long time since our last meet..and yeah on 22nd may we gather at lol it's obviously TSC..our favourite..TSC stand for the street cafe :) ouh yeah we do start talking like there's no life for tomorrow hehe..and ok find i wanna try something new rather than choose lunch box..erm ok..i try bimbibab..erm first it was like ok..it go well with me but when it start to cooled down..i couldn't put any single spoon of it because the sambal is something that my mouth can't accept it..hahax..then after eating we played some of korean variety games..hahax ok it was like fun..and when all of us wore hair band one female aunt came over us and asked us if she can took our picture..then well of course she can..hahax she was so excited when saw us with hair band..hahax..it's funny but it was a special memory that we had together..so i do hope that some of my friends can join it later :)

Monday, 01:34
There's the F1 Race and The Great ChurpChurp Race! I want more KMs! #Churp2Race

There's the F1 Race and The Great ChurpChurp Race! I want more KMs! #Churp2Race

Sunday, 21:18

adoi..it's hurt laa..my tonsil getting worse again..so i ave to stop taking cold drink..but now i couldnt even drink water..well i don't want to go see a doctor because i do hate the medicine..eeeuuu it's taste bad..ok..so what i'm gonna do right now??drink a lots of plain water to get it better..but it's seem more worse than what i expected..aigoo..sakitttttnyaaa!!

happy mother's day

hey peeps..as we know today is mother's day..yey yey yey..so i would like to wish a beautiful lady in my heart..mama, happy mother's day..and thanks for being my lovely mother..i know i hard to guide me right..huhu..and happy mother's day to all mother in the word.. :)

Wednesday, 02:12
family ouh family

hey peeps..on 1st may i had a wonderful family gathering..huhu..nice one..there's no lie ok..trust me..huhu (= and ok everything started around 5.00pm and wow..all my relatives was there..and it's quite crowded there..and all the men are cooking the bbq while the ladies chopping all the ingredients..huhu..it's quite tiring but enjoy most of the moment there..huhu and of course i do meet with all the babies..ouh how cute they are..and they have grown now..running away..and we ate after maghrib..and omg..it's so noisy..there are steamboat, ikan bakr, ayam bakar, daging bakar, sotong bakar, udang bakar, black pepper sauce, salad, caramel, cream puff, ice cream, fresh orange, and  a lots more..and after had our delicious dinner everyone start to take their place in front of tv..they we go..we watched match between MU *this is my team* vs ARSENAL..and sh*t MU lost..aiyoo..memalukan laa..hahax..then continue with ven helsing and the dead land movie..wow..everything end up bergelimpangan in front of tv..hahax..funny moments.. (=

whatever ok

hey peeps..it's been a long time i didn't update this blog..urgh sorry because i'm bussy with my final and now it's over..yeah...happy till death.. (= and ok i just want to state i do hate when people who always wanna know about me..sorry to say bout this ok..but not everything i can tells everyone..and hell ya to whoever try to persuade me to tell the thing that i thing it's non of their business ok..why don't you try to look up about yourself rather than being like kepoci..and i do hate when people who SELONGKAR my PRIVATE thing..they know who they are..come on ok..if i don't want to tell you its not mean that you can selongkar it..while i find about it i will totally HATE you till the end of my life..get it?and please respect what people say to you ok..if they say they don't mean don't laa..is that hard to understand that?aigoo..so stop asking me about silly things.. :)