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my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
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go to KOREA during WINTER
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Sunday, 01:18

to all muslim out there..wanna wish all of you hapy fasting day..hope this coming ramadhan will make us become a good person..and appreciate this ramadhan when we still have time to appreciate it..this is the time for us to redeem a lots of pahala..so selamat berpuasa :))

Wednesday, 22:59

hello peeps..

15 july was the day that all of kemusarian went to our first trip..yey..happy??of course we happy..even all of us tired but we still enjoyed the trip..we start our journey at 3 pm and when the bus started to moved well everyone was so excited..halfway of the journey everyone  felt asleep..and me too..hahax..then we stop at tapah for pray and eating..then we started back our journey..around 11.30 pm we arrived safely to the homestay..yey..then the next morning we woke up early then we have to hear some speech from the representative of beduma's..after zohor we went to telaga or perigi hang tuah..and its seem like everyone love to wash, play and drink that water..hahax..and then we went to bridal boutique..and went to place for distributing all the traditional stuff..around 5.30pm we had our match with the tuan rumah..of course girl played netball and guys played futsal..hahax and yeah we lose :)) the cruise and jonker walk was the placed that we visit during night..and eurghh jonker walk was not my place and it was a place like night market..there's a lots of people shopping there because the price was so reasonable..:)) and then the next morning we went to taming sari...shopping time :))) girls love shopping :)) and after finished shopping we try to go inside the big ship and wow..nice babe..and then we walk around and yey trishaw with flowers around was so awesome..malacca was so superb place to visit :))

Saturday, 23:58
blood donation

hey peeps..

it's been a week since i donate blood last week..huhu..first of all i was scared till the death to donate it..but it's turn the other way when i asked 2 of my classmates weather it's hurt or not when the blood flow out from the tube..and then they said it was not..and i do get green light from my parents to donate it..and with full of strength i started to fill in the data that needed to be filled..hahax..do some sample checkup and yeah i got the green light from the doctor to proceed..lol my heart start to beat abnormally when i saw all of my friend took their position nearby the bed that i supposed to go..than i saw the nurse walking towards me and she asking me to calm down and pressed the soft thing with all my strength..and it's not that hurt laa..it was fun when you can felt the blood flow out to the tube..and thanks to all of my friend that stayed by my side till the end of that process..you guys rock :))