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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
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vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Thursday, 18:10
26 september 2011

*birthday girl*

hello peeps :)

let's make a special tribute for her..yeah..dear FEERA a.k.a BEDAH KUIH RAYA THE SMURFY..hoho HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY BABE..sorry lambat post..hehe..erm i do hope that you will enjoy your last teen year..huhu..thanks for always be there when i need someone to hear my story mory chocolate strawberry..anyway good luck for the last two paper..yes all of us can do it..fighting!



hello peeps :)

erm i don't even know what am i suppose to write actually..haha..yes we can envy other people but please okay..don't ever ever tricks your friends like your enemy..if your friends is more than you why don't you try to learn from them instead of making a bad story about her..LOL..why don't people out there just be friends with all..it's much more easier right??then our world will be the safer place ever because all of us a good together and for sure there is no word for ENEMY!!

Tuesday, 22:57
awesome day with awesome people

hello peeps..


ais kacang satu!! :)

yana and feera

yana and wani

ehem ehem..it's been a long long time i didn't update this site..well..time always envy me..and final just say hello..okay..for today paper it's was so like i don't know how to comment it..erm so let's skip the final thingy okay..too much pressure when i kept on thinking of it..direct after computer programming paper me, yana or yaling and obviously our mummy feerdu or fira..haha we went to sunway just to watch ABDUCTION..and okay this movie was super duper daebak!!!5 out of 5 point okay..

wani and yana

<3 beybey <3


and then window shopping..yeah..today was a super awesome day..all the people that follow was to awesome man...by the way, bought beybey..and it's super duper cute beybey ever..haha..then looking all the polka dots stuff..erm around 5.30 we went back..and waiting rapid was like waiting stars to felt off..and then went back to my home sweet home :))

Sunday, 02:46

hello peeps
let's me introduce you guys with this awesome people that i have met before

her name is farah aiman..people do call her farah..i have known her since standard one..erm she persuade her study in jordan right now..to her..'farah good luck there and i know you can do it so all the best..sorry coz we cant meet before you leave'

Tag photo
her name is rozleena..people do call her roz or oger..i have known her since form 1..and me became closed when we are in form 4..am i right roz??so she will persuade her study in india..dear roz 'all the best and good luck in everything..sorry because i cant send you off'

her name is alia sakinah..known her in form 5..call her jenot..haha..and her habit is gigit kuku..and she will persuade her study in mesir..dear jenot 'sorry for everything..last we met when we took our examination slip and sorry coz cant send you off..and all the best there..good luck yeah'

Saturday, 22:17
little pie

hello peeps

here are some clip that i wanna show everyone..yeah it's cute okay..the little kid who sang with her father..super duper cute okay..no objection!!!so enjoy this clip and it's cute right???



THE ONLY EXCEPTION (with her little sister) super cute okay

credit:my brother who suggest this video :)


hello peeps

second day of raya we went back to johor..early morning we start our journey and then it took about 8 hours to arrive there..haiyaa tired okay..then on the third day of raya we went to felda and hoiyak the scenery was superb babe..the house over there was so cantik..the old house sangat sangat sangat cantik..there we ate pulut in periuk kera..it was so nice and delicious man...no lie here okay..haha..we jalan dari pagi sampai la malam..aigoo sangat la penat..then esoknya balik penang balik..pffftt..so enjoy the picture in johor yeah peeps :))

selamat hari raya

hello peeps..


di pagi raya yang indah..aku and the others people were waiting our turn to took bath..well kampung so satu bilik air je..so nak tak nak kena la take turn :) then siap siap siap and siap :)) then pergi rumah my aunt then apa lagi we took picture like crazy la kan..erm here are some picture to share with u olls :)) enjoy the scene yeah (:

night before eid

hello peeps :)

first of all i wanna wish all people out there SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI :))

okay let's start with a day before eid..after woke up without taking bath hehe sorry no time for that..went to kampung straight..and it took me only 15 minutes to arrive there..then start the gotong-royong la..first of all start with downstairs..vacuum here vacuum there here there everyone vacuum..hehe..then we took a quick nap about 30 minutes then we start back our gotong-royong upstairs..it's killing us softly yoo...hehe..then everything has been settled down at 6.30 pm..urgh..tired man..then we siap-siap and then went to my aunt house to buka puasa la :) 

then of course at that night we pakai inai laa..as usual la kan..every year this is a must thing!!and then we start our war..yey..mercun everywhere..and i just played bunga api je la okay..sebab i xreti la nak main mercun mercun bagai ni..so  then we went back to rumah tok at 12.30 am then start booking the iron and then we slept..hehe :))this was the awesome experience that i had ((: