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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Sunday, 01:43


Nada~ - not-a-lost-cause: Star || Kang Min Hyuk


Shining star in the sky

The star that's shining from far away
It must have came to my heart
The star that's engraved inside my heart
The star that's shining inside my heart
I think it's you
Do you hear my trembling voice
Oh star
Do you feel my hot heart
You're my star
The love I dreamed about for a long time
I know it's you
Be with me forever
For a long time, even you
Hope that it will shine from the same spot forever
I'll let you borrow my heart only to you

The star that's engraved inside my heart
The star that's shining inside my heart
I think it's you
Do you hear my trembling voice
Oh star
Do you feel my hot heart
You're my star
The love that I dreamed about for a long time
I know it's you
Be with me always
For long time, even you
Hope that it will shine from the same spot forever
I'll give you my heart only to you
Even the star that's engraved inside your heart
Even the star that's shining inside your heart
Tell me, I love you forever
My eyes will look at only you
Oh would you also look at only me?
Hoping we can be each other's star

Foto di Kang Min Hyuk "강민혁" - kang min hyuk~ 민혁~TwitterFoto di Kang Min Hyuk "강민혁" - kang min hyuk~ 민혁~

Saturday, 22:20
day #5

hello peeps :)

today was my fifth day working at bakery..everyday i saw cake, ate cake, and turn into a cake..hahax..cake cake cake..everyday eat cake..hahax..today kak ainal gave me 2 layer cake, 3 muffins, 1 packet of kek keras as bekal at night..so today was not so hard day for me because just make a few cake only..yey yey..and try making a pastry..hahax quite interesting :)) and yes tomorrow my off day..can sleep sleep sleep and sleep..have to get prepared because tomorrow gonna meet my family huhu happy happy happy day :)) okay people till we meet again in another post yeah ((:

Friday, 19:30
day #4

hello peeps :)

today was like a tired day of working because just me and kak ainal incharged on making cake..kak aini took an off day today so it was like urghhh..hahax but i still enjoyed my day there :)) making a lots of cake was like looking at the colour of lollipop..hella cute okay..and kak ainal gave me 1 round cake and 6 slices of pizza :)) she always remind me that never ate MAGGI because it will make you fat and that's why she gave me the cake and pizza so that i won't hungry at night..hahax thanks kak ainal :)) then lepaking at deco site..at the deco site the akak2 asked me to try wrote down something with icing but with this tangan kayu i reject it..it's better to reject rather then making it and it came out in disaster way hahax..am i right people??huhu..that's it  for today i guess huhu till we meet again with tomorrow post yeah :))

Thursday, 20:11
envy her!!

hello peeps :)

here was the lucky girl who meet my EUNHYUK..:(( ouh man she's so lucky..but when i started reading her story then it didn't show any proved that they are really out together right??actually this statement to calm me down :(( wua wua how do i wish i'm her by that time :(( wanna meet him too but it's the impossible dream that i couldn't full fill sobs sobs T__T wanna took a picture with hyuk too T__T *rolling on the floor*


day #3

hello peeps :)

today was a tired day for a sick people like me who always have high spirits when it's came about work..third day was just like yesterday..haaachum here haachum there...urgh..hate it when it about flu!!haish..dugaan meh..never mind..still went to work even i'm having a low fever hahax :)) then just take a paracetamol then start working with swollen eyes T__T..tekanan tekanan tekanan T__T then got the instruction and i just follow it till the end..but today i often sit rather then standing because my head hurt meh..it dizzy laa..finished all ordered cake by 1pm..quite fast?then lepaking from 2pm till 5pm..hahax..so i  think i will my merepeking here..till we meet again in another post tomorrow yeah :))

Wednesday, 21:35
26 october

hello peeps :)

♥ birthday boy 

today was a very special day for him..he is my younger brother..heyy gemok HAPPY BIRTHDAY naa..sorry for the late wish..i do want to wish you at 00.00 am but i'm tired so that i sleep..hahax..gemok jgn marah na..satg xcute..muahahax...maintain gemok tau..so that ak xlaa gemok sorg2 naa..hahax..gemok..good luck for your final okay..do your best and be the best among the best..bagi anugerah pengetua lagi okay??then ak belanja kau gemok *tipu ja* hahax..by the way lupa nak wish my cousin huhu happy birthday kak irda :))

♥ them :)

day #2

hello peeps :)

today was the second day..fuhh quite tired but i enjoy every moment there :)) today was the very first time i'm doing arts on cake..wow i love arts okay..arts is my everything..arts is my boyfriend..arts is my soul..hahax :)) then the akak over there always asked me to eat everything there..then people don't get shock when you guys saw me with my new look hahax *getting chubby and chubby* making cheese cake quite hard laa..anyway i love baking..huhu..later i will put the picture of my arts on cake hahax :)) okay laa quite tired right now..sneezing and sneezing and flu flu..cough cough..need a sleep right now :)) till we meet again in another post okay :))

Tuesday, 20:27
day #1

hello peeps :)

today was the first day for me to attend my practical at bakery..the starting was not what i had expected..but then it turn smoothly..yey yey :))..i have been transferred to cake department while my friend was placed at bread department..baking??am i baking??pfftt..it doesn'n mean that i have never try any baking before laa..haish..don't simply judge it okay people :)) but i have never been bake directly six types of cake before okay..quite shocked before but had a lots of fun there..hahax..then all the people there okay okay laa..not too bad..don't judge them till i get to know them more..hahax..so let's hope that everything will be smoothly just like today :)) till we meet again in day two post yeah :))

Friday, 20:34
wild girl

hello peeps

here their comeback..super daebak i guess..hahax..finally they shown their wild side..super nice dance step..now i'm waiting for wonder girls comeback..anticipate on it :))

(: s.a.b.a.h :)

hello peeps..

tak sangka akhirnya aku dah sampai sabah :) menjadi jakun sebentar okay..hahax..erm aku pergi sabah sebab misi bantuan kemanusiaan if not sah sah la aku xsampai sabah lagi kan T__T okay then..11/10 departure day and erm time pergi mak ai muka xla putih mana tapi okay la..but bila balik muka dah sama macam negro..hahax..berkilat lagi tau :))


airport sabah bha :)

fuhh penat seyh waktu sampai sana..then the next morning dah start our mission..gementar sebab tak pernah tau about that island..huhu but then tawakkal je la kan..it took 1hour to arrive there..hahax freaking scared when took the boat because it so windy there..but then quite interesting because the view was super duper awesome man!!you can definitely saw mount kinabalu..and it was so nice..

mount kinabalu

then we safely arrive at mantanani island and they was just nice..they treat us like a family..hahax..keluarga angkat aku dekat sana sangatla baik okay..hari-hari masak makanan yang sedap-sedap..memang makin tembam la aku dekat sana..diaorang semua peramah..sangat sangat sangat la peramah..tapi kan aku tak boleh terima toilet rumah keluarga angkat aku la..bukan aku demand okay just xselesa sebab tak berbumbung and zinc berlubang-lubang siap boleh skodeng lembu lalu lagi tau..hahax :))

sand fish



ikan buntal


nasi dalam landak laut

<3 keluarga angkat saya <3

then 3 hari stay kat sana..best best best sangat..tapi satu benda yang paling aku tak boleh lupa bila ak terlupa line pantun aku..sumpah malu gila..T__T macam nak keriau laju-laju ja by that time..hahax..then kteorg pergi the tip of borneo..meh sini nak habaq mai..the scenery was super duper duper daebak laa..macam kat California oo..hahax..over tak over tak?? :)) then petang lepas jalan-jalan kteorg tidur kat rumah panjang..memang terbaik laa kan..sebab boleh borak-borak and boleh main past past message dengan orang2 sebelah..gempak tak??hahax..then kteorg pergi taman kinabalu..fuhh memang terbaik la sebab sejuk gila cek habaq mai..hahax..then pergi memorial or war, taman teh sabah..memang best laa :)) siapa yang suka tempat2 sejuk boleh la pergi dekat D'VILLA LODGE..menggigil2 duduk dekat sana..pffft..=.=" then stay kota kinabalu sampai la 19/10..huhu..seafood is the best food that i have eat there..konfemmmm..tak tipu..then pergi snorkeling..memang terbaik laa sebab dapat tengok ikan kaler2 depan mata..hahax..teringin nak try scuba laa nanti huhu..then shopping shopping shopping..wanita tak dapat di pisahkan denan shopping okay :)) then 19/10 balik penang balik so people out there why don't you guys try to spent your holidays later at sabah..confirm tak menyesal okay :))

negro-negro uitm pp :)

terima kasih daun keladi,
ada masa kita update lagi :)

Thursday, 17:16


Never ignore someone who really cares for you
Coz one day you may realize that you have lost a diamond
while you were busy in collecting stones