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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
bike lisence
slim down
vacation :)
spend time with SS501
go to KOREA during WINTER
SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Wednesday, 00:05

dear button :)
here are the space that i can express everything about you..i know that you won't come here right but it's okay since i do tell it and i do hope that you saw the link that i'm always post it on my facebook :) no matters what i just hope for a miracle..complicated right??yeah let's me tells you something..i do often smile laugh and people are hardly saw me crying..but deep inside my smile there's a million of tears..just because of i do a small mistake you now are far from me..i do hope that we can be best friend..can we?waiting is the hardest thing to do..i will stop waiting for you like i'm stop waiting for ikan..let's just be best friend can we??you are the one who gave me hope and now you are the one who doing taik naa..how could this happen to me..it's hurt me deeply..i'm always happy when i saw your name..i'm not a stalker so i don't even know whether you are online or not..but i miss the way that you treat me when we just know each other in 2weeks duration of time..i'm just feel happy when you just take care of me..hahax..i miss our conversation..i just miss the old you..:( starting from today i will focus on my study and i won't text, call, hit you at facebook and what so ever laa that related to you..you just same like ikan..thanks for hurting me T__T


Tuesday, 23:36
fast track

hello peeps :)

Fast Track is an informal English phrase meaning "the quickest and most direct route to achievement of a goal, as in competing for professional advancement". so people this is the meaning of fast track :) i want to congratulate to those who will leaving UITM PP and proceed their study at UITM SHAH ALAM :) especially my classmates :)) congratulation and celebration..lalala chuka hamnida ((: so people take care there :)) all the best and good luck ((:

fresh cream :)

hello peeps :)

yeah yesterday i'm happy..nah amik kau happy sangat kan padan muka..hahax..padan muka to me for having a very very very bad day today :( later i will story about it yeah..talked about yesterday..erm..i'm making my own cake..not so delicious but i'm proud of who i am :) making my very own design and i can simply express my arts there..how fantastic this could be :)) playing with icing and chocolate was not so bad..so people out there who love making cake why don't you guys try decorate your very own cake with your special ability on decoration..it will turn in an awesome way :)) do trust me okay :))

Monday, 00:13
tag tag tag

Wani telah di tag oleh Fatin :)

1.You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
And create eleven new questions for people you tagged to answer.
4.You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post.
5.Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about. 'You are tagged
if you are reading this' you legitimately (a.k.a really, trust, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

11 things about me :

1. people do call me waniey
2. From Penang
3. Lollipop freak and love it
4. fatty fatty boom boom :)
5. i do love PINK, BLACK and WHITE
6. Arts is my things
7. Dreaming make me alive
8. funny
9. talkative
10. love eunhyuk and kpop, jpop
11. fan of manchester united

Questions from Fatin:

1. What is your favourite singer?
2. Who is your idol?
3. Do you like to watch Korean drama?
4. Adakah anda melayari facebook setiap hari?
5. Pilih satu, facebook atau blogger?
6. What’s your favorite movie of all time and why?
-tada kimi wo aishiteru-
7. Who’s your favourite actor?
-jang geun suk-
8. What was your favourite game to play as a child?
-barbie dolls-
9. If you could pick a book you’ve read to make into a movie, which one would you choose?
-mr midnight-
10. Masa kecik2 dahulu, cita-cita saya nak jadi seorang CIKGU hahax
11. Satu perkataan menggambarkan blog saya?

I tagged:
nobody huhu :)

Thanks for viewing my blog!

pianist VS guitarist

hello peeps :)

sorry for no update about my part-time job..hahax..everyday is a same things to do..huhu..okay..i do love playing piano..normally i'm playing piano that had been installed in my phone..and i played before the real piano and keyboard..huhu interesting meyh..no kidding!! (: and when i saw guitar my heart seems like had been stolen by it..aww..mama can i bought a guitar??pleaseeeeeeee ^__^ huhu..i do love bass..interesting..music just my bestfriend..and instruments are my inspiration :)) and they are my inspiration..enjoy their show :)) and do support them okay? ((:

sungha jung

he played good day by IU

he played river flows in you by YIRUMA

he played kiss the rain you by YIRUMA


he played river flows in you

he played kiss the rain
*my fav song*

i do hope that one day i can meet people who love guitar, piano an bass just like me and we can be bestfriend laa :)) huhu


hello peeps :)

i do love skyping because it can connect me with all my beloved ones with just one click..huhu..when i start skyping this is the results hahax..so people out there who have skype let's skype together yeah :))

skyping with dada and etah

skyping with mas and jenot

Sunday, 23:54
they are back

hello peeps :)

annyeong people..huhu yeah finally they are back..such a nice and sweet song..people try listen to this song huhu 100% that you guys will like it :)) enjoy this song yeah ((:

aidiladha :)

hello peeps :)

wish all MUSLIM out there