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SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Saturday, 22:57
happy new year :)

hello peeps :))

yeah..2011 will leave us today..sobs sobs..every single year there are always a thousands memory that we had created..sad..happy..let's create a better memories in 2012..so everybody out there


have a nice and sweet year ever :))

Friday, 21:10
sweet memory ever

hello peeps :))

19032011 was the memorable date ever..huhu..it almost one year..i can't even forget this date..its save in my mind..super show 3..i don't even dream that i can go this big stage ever..thanks to my parents who allowed me to go there..yes i'm so surprised..it's 12 am if i'm not mistaken..while online then my cousie hit me at facebook..she asked me weather i wanna join her to SS3 or not the i'm start to hit my little brother then asked him to ask my dad on behalf of me..then when get the permission i was like..yey yey yey yey yey boom everywhere..hahax..took bus from butterworth direct to bukit jalil..then my cousie waited there..walked around for merch..then line up to entered the stadium..woah..it's killing me softly noh..while line up it's freaking hot..and the rela was checking our bag because camera are not allowed..but who cares..hahax..luckily we didn't get caught..hahax..when entered the stadium first of all took out my camera then start clicking here there and everywhere hahax..then one abang handsome came over then asked me to simpan the camera before he rampas it..yah ingat ni sekolah ka nak main rampas rampas ah??pabo!!hahax..then when the light has been turned off the sapphire blue waves can be seen everywhere..wonderful babe..then i enjoyed the show..*just enjoy the show* then sing along was the best memory ever..it end so supurbly..and i do hope that i can go SS4 huhu :)) enjoy the pics below and some videoes ((: byeom~~

my chingus :)

pie pie pie

hello peeps :))

how your day today??was it okay then yesterday??hope so..mine of course it good..because i'm currently on my break..yeay yeay..party start!!! *dance dance*

okay stop mumbling and now wanna show you guys something..hoho..this video..ignore my voice but focused to this kiddo..she is super duper adorable..hehe.. *cubit cubit pipi* aww..

ehem ehem..to my cousies..zaty and izzah..nah flying kiss and kiss from mariam..hahax.. >.<


hello peeps :))

how have you all been??2011 will end soon and lets welcome 2012..how's your 2011 memory and did you all managed to fulfill all your dream??i do hope so :)) so lets make a new wish for our great 2012..and lets hope it will be a year with full of happiness and the best year than before..so here i would like to show all of you my place where i spent most all the time there..huhu..it known as delima..my hostel name..yeyhooo~~ *clap clap* new hostel and well when its new so it must be so dusty..first entered it have to mop the floor..ouh..its tiring okay..but its okay..now i'm in my second year which is i'm currently in part 4..bravo bravo..lets saw it together my hostel since the first day i entered this university and the transformation quite drastically..hahax..

part 1

i was stayed at kolej baiduri..now was officially be boys college..hahax..8th floor was like..gila tinggi..first thing came out in my mind when i get this room is..what am i supposed to do when the lift is broke down..gosh..hahax

our room :))

ouh i miss my selimut gajah :))

part 2 and part 3

ouh this 2 sem was so hilarious because my roommates are freaking daebak..they are jangg!! get kristal as my hostel for both sem..and quite best because not so far to go to class..erm sem 2 at 5th floor while 4th floor in sem 3..hahax..i hate when i get 4th floor because i have to wear proper attire when wanna out to my friends room...gosh..hate it..hahax..so here are some pictures on kristal :))

same bed sheet with selimut kitty 

ouh i miss popo..the blue hippo..cute right?

my desk..full of food and water..hoho :))

part 4

yeah this is the new college..delima..erm exactly the same like kristal but the desk is smaller T__T and the bed covered with papan so its hard to tarik cadar T__T and then the toilet was upgrade..wyhoo~~ dilemma?? eyh eyh no no its delima laa..quite far..jauh oo nak pergi class from delima sobs sobs *sambil lap ayaq mata* 

ignore the mess *face palm*

the toilet >.<

the ampaian 0_o

so are you guys enjoy this post??hahax..i do hope that next 2 sem i will still get hostel..yeah!!!byeom~

Thursday, 00:50
sands, stone and water

hello peeps :))

here we go once again..here we go around lalala..okay stop your mumbling and continue writing laa baby..huhu..currently i am playing with sands and rocks..sound nice right??nothing weird for me who taking civil..hahax..insyaAllah i will be a great engineer someday :)) you guys out there pray for my success yeah :)) i am an ordinary person who know nothing about civil..coming from major of science so it's quite difficult for me to adapt this situation..but people around me who always support me no matter what..so i can barely endure this..cement??who said that i have never seen it before ha??hahax..i have okay..just don't know how to mixed it..but it's okay we have to learn right..i'm learning how to mixed cement and mortar..interesting babe..no lie here..hehe..let me share you all some picture of mine when mixing it..huhu enjoy yeah~

making a mortar

mortar cube


slump test

the ladies

engineers to be :)


Sunday, 16:59
kit kat

hello peeps :)

i got kit kat puding from my friend..huhu it's from japan..huhu and i have tasted the green tea from japan..super nice..and in japan there's a lots of flavor of kit kat you have to choose je..she asked me to choose either took kit kat puding or kit kat wasabi..and i was like 'what??!!!' wasabi??ouh no no..so i choose puding..huhu..so people out there go to japan and bought a lots of kit kat over there okay and don't forget to drink green tea with milk it was super super awesome laa :))

love this

hello peeps :)

how have you guys been??was today is a super day like yesterday??hope so :)) woke up early is not so me hoho :)) LOL..start packing all my stuffs and then went for a short shopping hoho..ouh wanna tells you guys that i just bought a new dress yesterday..hella cute weyh!!hahax erm currently i'm follow this couple episode hoho..they are so freaking cute okay..TEUKSO couple.. <3 super duper cute..erm people who got dimple quite cute seyh..leeteuk so cute because of his dimple..both of them got dimple..woah!!leeteuk was so manly meyh..their first day was like awesome..leeteuk plays piano for her and treat her with expensive meals..haiyooo i envy them laa..and guess what sora just went to cheer leeteuk in his concert..sweet right??they cheer foe each other..and i do love when donghae, sungmin, eunhyuk and kyuhyun just helped their leader when leeteuk felt awkward with sora..it's so hilarious laa..people out there try to watch WGM TEUKSO COUPLE and you will have no regret if you are watching this couple over and ever again..100% sure!! 


hello peeps :)

erm..wanna tells you guys about my vacation with my beloved family..yeah i'm lucky because i do have them..they always support me no matter how hard my life could be :) i love them like no ones care!!hahax :)
went to Singapore was like a dream..yeah..am i dreaming??nope i'm not dreaming laa..it's a reality..Alhmdulillah thanks Allah because you gave me a chance to go on a vacation..there's a lots of places that i had visited there such as marina beach, the eye on Singapore, orchard road, USS and there's a lots to mention here hoho :) but the currency was like duhh~~ everything was expensive over there and in sing dollar yeah..international standard when you went to the toilets there is no pipe at all..gosh!!LOL..hahax..Singapore was an interesting place to visit!!do visit there yeah!!annyeong~

the skaters behind was super cute *_*

new sem XD

hello peeps :)

there's a lots of new things had happen when the new semester had begun..erm first week was like well a holiday week i guess..got all the dropping class cases and we have to re register our class and course..wey..it's complicated kot..aigoo~ then the second week also the same..when are we going to start our class??do tell us??hahax..it's hard for us yang stay far away at delima there to walk for a class then when we arrived there we heard that our class had been cancel?? aigoo~ anyway thanks because they are giving us free time and i'm happy because i can go back home early..weyhoo~