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the princess

my name is wani.
i am not a boy but a girl.
lolipop freak!!
i study in the universe Prison for mental people school
Aren' i amazing? buahahahahh?
if you see that pic up there^ its me!

car lisence
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go to KOREA during WINTER
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Tuesday, 01:24

hello peeps :)

hey hey you you i don't like your friends..hahax..kidding meyh..erm currently i'm practice hard playing this song on my mobile piano..when i'm felt depress i will play the piano..it will make me think twice and trice and many many more la..this song killing me but when i can play it wow..DAE to the BAK meyh..happy to the death when i can play it..happy till crying..hahax..*overnya* i wish i can play this song to him one day huhu.. ((: and i hope that he will like it yeah hope so..

Monday, 21:49

hello peeps :)

how is your day today?was it great like yesterday?mine not so good because i'm not feeling that great loke last week..having high fever and cough and runny nose..aww hard for me to breath..erm..so pray for me to get well soon..sobs sobs..nothing much to say just wanna show you what i'm currently doing right now..>.< i'm making this gif just for all of you guys out there..new in this thing but proud that i can make it huhu..aren't avril cute right??huhu..this gif show that people always have two faces..yes..in front us they do like an angel but at the back they all lke sh$t..am i right??

how to make animated gif


hello peeps :)

charity?yes its all about charity programs..just back from charity programs at taiping, Perak.the event there was and enjoyable event and thank you Allah for giving me and my friends chance to having this memorable charity programs..i do more appreciate both of my parents and family members..we have to appreciate our beloved family..when Allah took them away from us its so late to regret everything..all the orphanages there are 25 of them and all of  them are males kiddy..we stayed RUMAH ANAK-ANAK YATIM & MISKIN NUR KASIH, ULU SEPETANG, PERAK.hyperactive?well kiddy always liked that meyh.. (: but i couldn't spent so much time talking or playing with them because i'm one of them that in charged  for preparing the food..yes this job was super tiresome department.. T__T went there in not so good condition then i felt sorry for them because  i couldn't help them that much like others but i'm not saying that i didn't help them naa >.< ghee~ preparing food for 120 people was like cutting your nails using knife..hahax..during the last day there, i woke up late..wuaaa..woke up at 7 am was like a water being splash on you..huahaha :) then i manage to catch up back and help them till 4.30p.m..hoho then around 6.30 we went to the gardens and having a talked with all the members while enjoying  our tea time there.heyho~ set off from the garden at 7.45 then at 9p.m we arrived safely in our beloved campus..hoho..so i'm suggesting to people out there try to do a charity programs at orphanages houses or old folks..this will make you open your eyes widely and you will more appreciate people around you..i enjoyed myself there :)) thanks for reading my mumbling (:

ladies of the kitchen <3