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SUPER JUNIOR super show 3

Friday, 17:35
27 october 2012

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone (= imma going to share something with you all..the unforgettable moment when i have a chance to BIG BANG GALAXY ALIVE TOUR IN MALAYSIA..such a wonderful day..one of my dream that come true..yeah they are super duper great artist and this was the superb concert ever..i don't even know when i'm starting to like this group and yeah even i have been in SUPER JUNIOR SHOWCASE 3 IN MALAYSIA before but this concert much more awesome..i couldn't imagine that at last i have watched them BIG BANG here in MALAYSIA..i'm lucky yeah i'm so lucky..every single things we have planned..went there with my cousins and friends..we even bought same t shirts and light sticks..we are wearing colorful pants..like a rainbow..huhu..my cousin drove till KL SENTRAL then we took monorel headed to STADIUM MERDEKA..

guess what people..along the road inside the car we enjoy every single song from big bang..huhu funny right..my friend even wrote their names on her hand in case she forget their name..when we arrived at stadium aigoo there's a lots of people queuing up..aigoo i hate this situation when there's a lots of people around you..urghhh..enter the seating site and start singing and what so ever and the aigoo rain is pouring heavily..the funny one when the other site started to wear their raincoats and on our site just watched and confuse why are they quickly wearing their raincoat??there's no rain laa oii..dangggg..after we say that here rain come hahax..everyone was kelam kabut wearing their raincoat..it's such a nice scenery to view of coz everyone is wearing colorful raincoat..so beautiful..then the light off and the concert begun..*scream!!!* huhu..sing along..we are having 2 mission..we are supposed to used blue light stick when the boys are singing BLUE and used red light stick for FANTASTIC BABY..

yesss the blue mission is succeed..unfortunately DAESUNG can't fly since this concert is held at outdoor stadium..but never mind as long he sang that song for VIP we are grateful enough..huhu..most touching song when JIYOUNG asked us to sang HARU HARU..such a lovable fans we sang for him till end..aww..touching part ever..TOP said FANTASTIC FANS during FANTASTIC BABY song..huhu..this is the most happy moment ever that we had together..hope you guys enjoy this post..^__^    

the blue mission

haru haru

top dance

taeyang rap


pitch perfect

Assalammualaikum and heylooo everyone (= happy holidays to all students and enjoy your holidays while watching some hilarious movie..what was it??want to know???here we go it was PITCH PERFECT movie that i watch it last week with my friend at GURNEY PLAZA..i will suggest this freaking funny movie for all of you..HAVE TO WATCH IT..HAVE TOO!!!confirm tak akan menyesal punya..who watch GLEE??then you guys have no problem watching this..because of the power of acapella people can become enemy..scary right??boys fighting with girls and who do you think will win the war??wants to know the answer??*truummm* go watch this laa people oii..huhu..okay okay..i will review this movie but the shortest review okay??enjoy~

" The Barden Bellas are a collegiate, all-girls a cappella singing group thriving on female pop songs and their perfect looks. After a disastrous failing at last year's finals, they are forced to regroup. Among the new recruits is freshman Beca, an independent, aspiring DJ with no interest in the college life. But after she meets Jesse, from the rival all-male a cappella group, Beca has a new outlook and takes it upon herself to help the Bellas find their new look and sound and get back into the competition."

paranormal activity 4

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone..how have you been??look like this site is full of dust ehh..kinda busy so i have no time to share the latest story with all of you (= yeah last last last week went to watch PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 since i'm the hardcore of paranormal movie back then..and yeah as expected when we hear the words paranormal itself it will make all your hand hairs stand up straight am i right people??since i'm watching it at cinema so have to behave and i'm hoping that i won't scream..huhu but hell yah the guys beside us screams more loud than us..aiyoo so not macho laa abang..hahax..yessss this movie such a scary movie but the ending kinda unrealistic..ghost turn you to zombie??such a merapu and weird..so here some reviewed about this movie..E.N.J.O.Y (=

The movie begins with the end of Paranormal Activity 2 (2010). Katie is possessed by a demon, kills her sister Kristi, and runs away with Kristi's son Hunter. The story then jumps ahead five years later and focuses on siblings Alice and Wyatt, Alice's boyfriend Ben, and a frightening little boy across the street named Robbie. Alice and Ben decide to use laptop computers to document the frightening supernatural occurrences that happen when Robbie is around Alice's house. Robbie seems especially interested in Alice's brother Wyatt, and wants what he and Wyatt do to be kept secret from Alice. Alice's parents are too detached to notice the evil emerging around them. "